Do you let yourself leave a book unfinished? Or do you power through to the end no matter how much you aren’t enjoying it?

I recently started reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. It has been on my shelf for years, and I’ve always heard such great things about it. It’s a bestseller, it has won a Pulitzer – very well acclaimed. So I figured I would really enjoy it.

However, I found it had a very slow pace, and there wasn’t a lot happening within the plot to keep me turning the page. With it being a book of almost 800 pages, I really need excitement and to see where the plot is going. I felt this book really lacked a clear plot – somewhere you can see it going and finishing, that keeps you reading because you want to know the resolution. It was feeling more like a chore for me to read, as opposed to being my fun, free time activity.

I have a very hard time walking away from a book, leaving it unfinished. It feels as though I’ve quit, and I hate that feeling. I need to at least feel like I’ve given it enough of a try, to really wait to see if it’s going to pick up or pique my interest. Unfortuntely, I made it over halfway through The Goldfinch, but with 300+ pages still to read, I really didn’t feel like I could do it, especially with having an ever-growing pile of books to be read.

I know a couple of people who feel a similar way to me about this book, and I also know people who have loved it. It just goes to show that it all comes down to the reader, and how we receive the books we’re reading. My sister is going to read it towards the end of the month, and if she tells me the ending is exciting and satisfying, then I may pick it back up. However, for now, it remains a book I Did Not Finish.