🌿 a little about me

Hello, fellow bloggers and book friends!

I sort of fell off the wagon with posting last year. Instagram is much easier to post to than this site 😂 BUT it is a new year, and as one does, I’ve made a resolution to post more frequently. I’m hoping to connect with other bloggers who love discussing books and reading! I’m on instagram as plantladyreader if you’d like to find me there!

A bit about me…
– I’m 30 years old, and just recently purchased a house in a small town, Ontario with my hubs and our husky mix Luna
– you’d think having to move my library would have encouraged me to acquire less books, but it didn’t. My home library currently has over 1200 books in it, and I’m still getting more every month!
– I love reading historical fiction, recently I’ve been loving fantasy novels, thrillers and classic literature. As long as it doesn’t have a heavily romantic plot, I’ll read it!
– I’m making a plan to tackle more of my backlist books this year, instead of focusing on new releases and advanced copies
– I’ve recently started using a bullet journal, and I’m loving it! I will be posting about my journey with it soon!
– my favourite food lately is cauliflower crust, dairy-free homemade pizza (with vegan ranch for dip – I kid you not, it’s better than regular ranch!), my favourite colour is purple, green or black, my favourite animal is a fox, and my favourite activity (besides reading) is being outside in nature, especially at my cottage
– I have almost 100 houseplants, which are often featured in my photos, and there’s no end in sight. I love watching them grow and flourish!

A project I put together for myself last year, and didn’t really stick to, was my TBR in a Jar! I took the time to write out all my unread books, and put them in a jar. The plan was to draw one every month to read, and tackle my unread pile! However, life, new releases and ARCs got in the way, and I ended up reading NOTHING that I pulled from the jar. Not that I didn’t read any backlist books last year! I did read a bunch, but they were ones I chose myself, and didn’t leave it to the Jar Gods. So this year, I’m hoping to commit to this goal! I didn’t add any books to it last year, so every title in there is a book I’ve owned for at least a year, and therefore NEED to get to!

I hope you can stick with me this year, I hope to post content you’ll enjoy, and mostly I hope to read a ton of great books!

Have you set any goals this year? Reading or otherwise? ✨