🌿 R E V I E W 🌱

I can’t get over how much I LOVED this book. Madeline Miller is an amazing author.

The writing style takes you into an amazing world of Ancient Greece and the Trojan War. The characters are people you’ve heard of as Greek heroes, like Achilles and Chiron, and her writing makes it so easy to picture the characters and settings they live within.

I also really liked the unexpected love interest within this story – the entire time I was rooting for this couple, and really enjoyed seeing them grow together as children and accept the love they had. They made it through many trials together, and fought together in the Trojan War. Even through adversity with parents and the people around them, they still stayed with each other and it ended in a beautiful way.

Not only is this a beautiful story, with both love and war, but it is loosely based on real historical figures. You are learning about Ancient Greek people and practices while enjoying a beautiful epoch. The glossary in the back helps you understand the relationships of the characters and the role they played in history.

Overall , I would definitely read this again, probably in the near future, and definitely recommend this as a read. I give this one FIVE BIG FAT STARS! ❤